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About Us

Reimagining Our Future And Working to Make It A Reality

The mission of Greater Capitol Heights Improvement Corporation, Inc. (“GCHIC”) is to stimulate revitalization, redevelopment, and reinvestment in the inner-Beltway gateway communities of central Prince George’s County, Maryland, that surround the District of Columbia’s East Corner.

In carrying out its mission, GCHIC will:

  • Empower residents, business owners, and nonprofit organizations to be informed and engaged stewards of the community.

  • Collaborate with federal, state, and local government and private nongovernmental entities to align strategies and priorities that achieve a more sustainable and economically viable urban environment.

  • Advocate for more efficient, accessible, accountable, and responsive local government.

  • Promote economic and housing development, job creation, and transformative placemaking.

  • Advance land use, zoning, environmental, and transportation policies that enhance livability, promote healthy living, and encourage community interaction and recreation.

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